Cats are a fluffy ball of personality. Some cats are energetic and playful whiles others would love nothing more than to lounge on your lap all day. Adopting a pet is a beautiful thing, but you never know what your new pet’s background is. It’s recommended to get your new pet a check up 3 days after adopting, especially if you don’t know their history. A bad living situation could make your cat more prone to diseases.

Beginners Guide to Adopting

Your new kitten has it’s own unique personality, just like you. The first few days at home may be a bit overwhelming. Let your kitten get comfortable. Try doing an everyday activity without bothering your cat and let the cat naturally get comfortable with it’s new surroundings. Let them come to you! Sitting on the ground and letting your cat explore is best. Your cat has to adapt to it’s new habitat. Naturally, kittens are independent creatures. The first week of owning a cat may just be your cat hiding. This is normal. They are just getting used to everything and figuring out their territory. A scratching post or some kind of room filled with toys will give your cat an independent, entertaining place to be. Scratching posts will help wear down their claws and help your furniture not get destroyed.

According to, it’s recommended to fill a litter box with one or two inches of litter. After filling the box, place it in the room that you designated for your cat’s toys and safe space. Cats, just like us, need a private place to do their business! Make sure their food isn’t near the litter box, that could get confusing. Using the food used at the shelter will make it easier, because your cat might not eat too much if you give them new food. And of course, once your cat is comfortable it’s important to take them for their first vet visit to ensure proper vaccinations and has a place to keep their records.

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