Do you consider your pet(s) an integral part of your home and family life? Well, you’re certainly not alone. Studies indicate that 62% of Americans own at least one animal, and 95% of these pet owners consider their friend a member of their family. Beyond the unconditional love and friendship pets bring into our lives, there are many other reasons why our dogs, cats, and other animals are important family members.


While many pet owners believe that dogs are the most protective creatures, this isn’t always true. All domesticated animals maintain some wild instincts, and protection of their human families is high on this list. There is no shortage of news stories of cats saving their owners’ lives, including alerting the family to impending danger through loud cries.


One of the biggest benefits of having pets is often unexpected, even for parents who grew up around animals: They can help families grow stronger and closer. A pet is often the focus of activities that families do together – taking the dog for a walk, grooming, feeding, playing – simply even watching a cat chase his tail or a fish swim in his tank. Spending quality family time like this offers the wonderful potential of slowing down the hectic pace of modern life.


Adding a pet to the family is a great way to teach children how to be responsible for another living creature and learn to appreciate the work and dedication involved in caring for an animal. Children will not only learn how to nurture it but they learn that loving another creature is much more than just playing with it on occasion. However, teaching responsibility is an added bonus and should not be the sole purpose of getting a pet! Animals form deep bonds and connections just like humans, which is why it’s crucial to provide the most stability possible for our furry friends.

Animal Care ClinicHaving a pet can play such an important and meaningful role in the lives of families. And with the recommended vaccines from a veterinarian, a pet can live a long and healthy life as a member of the family.

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The positive impact that animals can have on families is undeniable! Remember to pay your furry friend a little extra attention this month. On August 22nd, National Bring Your Cat to the Vet Day is observed, followed by National Dog Day, celebrated on August 26th.