Every year, millions of dogs wait in shelter’s around the United States for their perfect family to show up and give them a loving home. So that’s why American Humane started Adopt-a-Dog month. Every year during the month of October, American Humane makes it their mission to spread the word about fun, loving, adoptable dogs that are waiting for their forever home in shelters.

Your local shelter is the perfect place to find the exact dog you’re looking for. Whether you want something small you can take with you everywhere, or an athletic running buddy to help keep you active, the shelter can help you find a wonderful dog that meets all your needs. And the best part? You’ll not only be making a huge impact in their lives, but in yours as well.

American Humane started Adopt-a-Dog Month in 1981 to help encourage people to save a life from the shelter as well as enhance their lives with a shelter dog or dog from a rescue group. Thirty-two years later, that message is still going as strong and as important as ever, as millions of dogs await adoption in shelters every year.

Ways to Celebrate

  • Adopt a dog from the shelter or rescue group: Opening your heart and home to a new best friend can be a very exciting time, and adopting from a shelter or a rescue group means you’re saving a life. Talk with the shelter staff or rescue volunteers about your wants and needs, and they’ll find you a furry friend that will fit seamlessly into your life and home.
  • Spay or neuter your dog: Having your dog spayed or neutered can help prevent unexpected or possible unwanted puppies. Dogs that are spayed and neutered have also been shown to lead longer and healthier lives, and often have fewer certain behavioral problems.
  • ID your pet: Getting your dog identification, whether it be by a dog tag, microchip, or both, will lessen the chances of your dog ending up in a shelter and becoming a “missing dog.” Only 15-20 percent of missing dogs are reunited with their owners, so take extra precautions with your furry friend!
  • Support your local shelter and rescue groups: You can show your support by donating time, money, or supplies like food, leashes, beds, and toys. You can also call your local shelter or rescue to see what supplies they need most.

After you’ve adopted your new furry friend, keep them as healthy as can be at Animal Care Clinic. Give us a call at 812-279-1516 to make an appointment, or visit our website to learn more about how we can help the new addition to your family.