Being a responsible pet owner is more than just remembering to feed them. You are exclusively in charge of their every day well-being, which includes proper medical care. Veterinarians are an integral part of pet ownership, and are an important member of your pet’s health care team.

Responsible pet owners have a veterinarian that they trust, and here are the reasons why:

Preventative Healthcare
There is a rather long list when it comes to proactively preserving your pet’s health. Protection from harm, balanced nutrition, exercise, and regular checkups are a good start. A veterinarian will know which vaccines your pet needs and which ones are not necessary. Not to mention, they will give you informed recommendations on everything from toys to grooming.

Pet Population Control
In order to prevent animal overpopulation, domestic pets need to be spayed or neutered. A veterinarian will provide this procedure to your pet.

Emergency Care
Pets have accidents, just like humans do, and it is important to know who to call in case of an emergency. Your veterinarian can provide you with information on 24-hour emergency pet hospitals, on the occasion immediate medical attention is required outside of your regular vet’s hours.
Help Ensure A Safe Return
Should the unthinkable happen and your pet becomes lost, the likelihood of a happy ending is greatly enhanced if he or she has been microchipped (and the microchip registry has your current contact information). Ask your veterinarian about having your pet microchipped. Another critical safeguard is a collar sporting a current identification tag.

Emergency CarePlan for End-of-Life Care
Unfortunately, sick or aged animals rarely simply pass away peacefully and comfortably in their sleep. In most cases, it is up to their human family members to decide upon and create an end of life for the pet with the help of a veterinarian. If you share your life with pets, you will undoubtedly find yourself faced with this all-important responsibility, and it is up to you to make sure your animal is as comfortable, free of pain, and well-loved as possible.

No one knows your pet as well as you do! Whether selecting a vaccination protocol or making a life-or-death decision, your active involvement as a medical advocate for your pet is imperative. September is Animal Pain Awareness Month, serving as a reminder to pet owners to take an active role in recognizing the signs of pain in animals and seeking veterinary care.

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