Some socks for Uncle Steve, a new blender for Cousin Kelly, and maybe even a new flat screen for the hubby. You’ve made your list, checked it twice, all while a pair of deep brown eyes watched patiently. Sure, our pets can’t read a calendar but that doesn’t mean they shouldn’t be treated like family this Christmas. Here are some safe gifts to give your dog this holiday season.

All I Want for Christmas is My Two Front Teeth- A toothbrush and doggy toothpaste

Brushing your dog’s teeth can help prevent plaque and tartar build up. Oral care can also prevent periodontal disease, an inflammation caused by an influx of bacteria in a dog’s mouth. Periodontal disease can be painful for your pooch and expensive to treat.


I’ll be Home for Christmas- A pet alert sticker

In case of an emergency, such as a fire, it’s important to notify first responders that there are pets in the home. Keep your pet safe by purchasing a “Pet Alert” sticker. Fill in the appropriate boxes to indicate how many pets are in the home and then hang it near the front door to your home.

Walking in a Winter Wonderland- More exercise

A little exercise can help dogs (and owners) ward off those pesky holiday pounds. Maintaining a healthy weight is important to keep your dog fit and happy into old age.

Baby, It’s Cold Outside- A microchip

Too often, our dogs can get caught up in bounding through the snow, chasing squirrels, or sniffing for Santa. This can lead to them becoming lost, scared, and cold. If your pup gets lost, make sure that they can return home by having them microchipped. Dogs without microchips are returned to their homes 21.9% of the time. Dogs who have been microchipped can be reunited with their families 52.2% of the time.

In recent news, over 90 pets have become sick from chewing on bones while 15 have died. Symptoms can include choking, mouth wounds, and vomiting. The risky bones are typically wrapped in plastic and include ham bones, pork femur, rib bones, and smoky knuckle bones.

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