With the temperature rising, staying hydrated becomes more and more important, especially for your pets! Make sure your pets, as well as yourself, are drinking enough water during this hot summer. For the past 30 years, Animal Care Clinic has had the privilege of taking care of your wonderful pets. With our extensive knowledge, we can provide your pet with proper care, keeping them relaxed and calm!

Pet Hydration Awareness Month

Whenever you’re drinking water, make sure to think of your pet! According to Petsafe, “our pets need 1 ounce of water per pound of bodyweight.” July is Pet Hydration Awareness Month. Remind yourself everyday to refill your pet’s water bowl, or even multiple depending on the size. Along with refilling, actually watch over your pet to know if they are drinking water. Place the bowl in an area they genuinely like to hang out and by the place they like to sleep. In the end, your pets depend on you for water, so please don’t forget about your cute, furry friends.

Pet Hydration Tips

  • Every time you drink water, refill your pet’s bowl
  • Place drinking water by your pet’s sleeping spot at night
  • Place drinking water inside and outside in areas they normally go to
  • Try to make them drink water before and after activity
  • Make sure your pet knows they’re a good boy

Pet Hydration is extremely important and should be taken very seriously. You are accountable for your pet’s overall health. Animal Care Clinic of Bedford was founded in 1985 and has been taking care of the animals of the community for over 30 years! You pet’s health and comfort is our top priority. We will accommodate to your pet’s personality and make sure they are relaxed in the new environment. Ultimately, we want your pet’s to be healthy and we will do whatever it takes to achieve that goal. Whether it’s individualized attention or coming to our Cat Only Days, we are always looking out for your critter to make them happy! For more information about Animal Care Clinic, visit our website at animalcareclinic.vet or give us a call at  812-279-1516!