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Veterinarian in Bedford IN
Here at Animal Care Clinic in Bedford, we offer rehabilitating and regenerative medicine to get your pet’s health back on track. Our treatment options feature top technology and personalized care in order to properly pinpoint the exact health plan that will be most effective. Read through our veterinary services below, and give us a call if you have any questions or would like to learn more!

Stem Cell and PRP Rehabilitation

Animal Care Clinic invests in bringing our patients the most important new offerings in treatment options, such as stem cell and rehabilitation. Much of this technology is new, and it is exciting to think of the possibilities we may have in the future to take care of health issues that have had limited treatment options in the past.

Dr. Brian is certified in Canine Rehabilitation from the Canine Rehabilitation Institute, one of only two certifying facilities in the world. Therapeutic techniques–similar to those that physical therapists use in people–get patients back to full function more quickly than ever before. Rehabilitation in conjunction with other treatments may promote healing where healing may not otherwise occur.

Chiropractic Care

Dr. Brain received his CVSMT degree and is a member of the distinguished College of Animal Chiropractic. Chiropractic is a drug-free approach to taking care of your pet’s health. Many medical conditions and general pain greatly benefit from chiropractic care!


Dr. Julie received her certification in Medical Veterinary Acupuncture from OneHealthSim at Colorado State University. Acupuncture is a safe and effective treatment for both easing pain as well as comforting our rehabilitation and sick patients. Clients can stay with their pet and keep them company during the acupuncture session.

Therapeutic Laser

Therapeutic laser is an exciting treatment option for a variety of ailments. This includes managing pain, reducing inflammation, antibacterial effects, and speeding up the process of recovery. Our laser is used daily for many conditions such as osteoarthritis, spinal cord injury, joint and muscle pain, wound healing, and skin conditions.

K-9 Athletics

Animal Care Clinic has a gym dedicated to our rehabilitation and agility programs. Our land treadmill and exercise equipment are found here! This is also a great area to begin our Extended Patient Care Exam, where anxious or excited patients can blow off steam before their exam begins. Our facility is additionally available for use in weight loss programs for your pet. Many pets actually enjoy their gym sessions that help them lose weight!

Pain Management

Veterinary Medicine has made great strides in understanding how pets deal with pain and how much pain affects their recovery from injury and illness. We offer many pain management options that include new medications, herbal and supplemental choices, laser therapy, acupuncture treatments, chiropractic adjustments, and laser therapy.

To schedule an appointment at Animal Care Clinic, please visit us in Bedford or give us a phone call today!