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Going Grey: Adopting a Senior Pet

November 5, 2017

Walking down rows of cages, heart in hand, searching for a companion. Some are big, some small, some fat, some bare bones, some wiggle and wriggle while others cower in their cages. Most often, older pets are passed up by adopter after adopter strictly based on their age. Sure, that cute, squirming puppy is great for some but for some families, and older pet is a great option. November is adopt a senior pet month and here are 4 reasons you should give these grey faces a chance.

Senior dogs are often overlooked at shelters, but older dogs still have a lot of love to give.

They’re Friendly- No grumpy old men here! Many older pets are mellow and adaptive in behavior. This is great for young children who may need to establish boundaries with a new pet. Most older pets have at one time lived with a family. This means many will come well-adjusted, potty trained, and often obedient.

They’re Grateful- Perhaps they have spent days, weeks, months, or even years in that very cage. Perhaps their previous family lost interest in the pet that was once full of vigor. Regardless of their previous chapters, they are sure to fill their remaining years (and yours) with love and companionship. It has been reported by many adopters that there is a certain sense of appreciation and love different from adopting a younger pet.

They’re Predictable- When you adopt a puppy or a kitten, you are hoping that their adult personality will mesh well with your family dynamic. With a senior pet what you see is what you get. With fully developed bodies and personalities, it is easy to deem if a pet will be a good fit based on adult size, energy level, and health.

There is nothing sweeter than a senior cat getting a second chance to live happily ever after.

They’re Calm- An older pet will relax and quickly assimilate with your family’s schedule and vibe. Less destruction, midnight potty breaks, and mischief than your average puppy or kitten.
When you adopt a senior pet from the animal shelter, it is important to have them examined by a trusted veterinarian. Trust the experts an Animal Care Clinic. To schedule an appointment click here or call (812) 279-1516 today.