October is Adopt-A-Dog Month!

Every year, millions of dogs wait in shelter’s around the United States for their perfect family to show up and give them a loving home. So that’s why American Humane started Adopt-a-Dog month. Every year during the month of October, American Humane makes it their mission to spread the word about fun, loving, adoptable dogs that are [...]

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Responsible Pet Ownership Means Having a Veterinarian

Being a responsible pet owner is more than just remembering to feed them. You are exclusively in charge of their every day well-being, which includes proper medical care. Veterinarians are an integral part of pet ownership, and are an important member of your pet’s health care team. Responsible pet owners have a veterinarian that they [...]

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Importance of the Family Pet

Do you consider your pet(s) an integral part of your home and family life? Well, you’re certainly not alone. Studies indicate that 62% of Americans own at least one animal, and 95% of these pet owners consider their friend a member of their family. Beyond the unconditional love and friendship pets bring into our lives, there [...]

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Pet Hydration Awareness Month

With the temperature rising, staying hydrated becomes more and more important, especially for your pets! Make sure your pets, as well as yourself, are drinking enough water during this hot summer. For the past 30 years, Animal Care Clinic has had the privilege of taking care of your wonderful pets. With our extensive knowledge, we [...]

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Furry Friends: Adopting a Cat

Cats are a fluffy ball of personality. Some cats are energetic and playful whiles others would love nothing more than to lounge on your lap all day. Adopting a pet is a beautiful thing, but you never know what your new pet’s background is. It’s recommended to get your new pet a check up 3 [...]

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April is Pet First Aid Awareness Month

Every pet owner strives to give their furry companion a long, happy, and active life. Emergencies do happen, which is why the American Red Cross designated April as its annual Pet First Aid Awareness Month. Prevention and planning, along with basic first aid knowledge, can save your pet’s life when you least expect an emergency [...]

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Your Spring Pet Care Checklist

Spring is in the air in Bedford, Indiana. With the warmer weather comes more time outdoors with your four legged friends –  enjoying long walks, playing in yard and trips to the dog park. Consider this your spring “pet to-do list” to get your dog ready for warmer weather. Heartworm medications – While it is a [...]

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Bad Breath: Don’t Blame it on The Dog

As you unpack your bag for a weekend with friends, you place the essentials on the bathroom counter. We have deodorant, shampoo, conditioner, a razor, and lastly, my… it’s not here. Your stomach sinks. You forgot a toothbrush. You gag thinking about the bacteria that will surely fester in your warm mouth. The feeling of [...]

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